Located in New York City, Derastone is a fee-only firm providing comprehensive financial planning, investment management, and tax planning to our clients along with necessary accountability, encouragement, and education along the way. Think of us as your financial trainer, consultant, and coach. The firm was established in 2010 to help families avoid the losses of the great recession.

  • Our pricing is transparent
  • We don’t sell products for commission
  • Our clients’ interests always come first




Portfolios that are designed to achieve optimal returns at a specific level of risk. We use diversification, planned rebalancing, smarter behavior, and low fees, to achieve better results.


Ability to securely sync your outside investments with our solution. See your total net worth in one place, and potential opportunities for improving your financial position.


Structured in a way to reduce overall system costs including: transaction costs and execution costs. Less fees coming out of your portfolio means more money working for you.


Transparent communications, anytime access statements, performance reports, and real-time access of your portfolio through our portal. We will schedule reviews to ensure your financial goals and objectives remain current.


To fight for the interests of our clients, helping them secure their financial goals.

We want you to succeed.

Your goals, your money, your life: To achieve financial security and peace of mind, you need smart, objective investment advice from a team of investment experts committed to your success.

As independent and fee-only investment advisory in New York City, we provide professional investment guidance, financial planning, asset management, and wealth management services to individuals, business owners, and families.

We are not commission-based brokers or salespeople. We are independent financial advisors who can help you create and execute a disciplined investment strategy tailored to your needs.

Our commitment to keep costs fair and proportionate and to be completely transparent about your investment performance. Moreover, given its your capital, you must be able to access it whenever. No lockups of capital.

Our mission is to empower you as an investor to experience how investing ought to be.

Do You Have Any Questions?

Whether you’re considering partnering with an advisor or looking for information you can use to manage your own portfolio, we may have the help you need. You should consider contacting us.