Financial Planning


  • Plan for the life you envision
  • Create an actionable plan
  • Protect your financial position
  • Optimize your current situation

Investment Management


  • Tailored to your individual goals
  • Control the “controllables”
  • Manage “bad” investment behaviors
  • Make your money grow over time

Tax Planning


  • Tax planning & advisory
  • Tax return coordination
  • Tax efficiency review
  • Calculating tax projections

At Derastone, we specialize in providing fee-only financial planning, investment management, and tax services to individuals, families, and business owners. Fee-only means we provide advice for a fee. We do not receive any other form of compensation. We don’t sell products, earn commissions, have quotas or receive kickbacks like some other financial advisors. As your fiduciary our advice is always in your best interest.


We love working with everyone but our core strength focuses on working professionals + business owners in the NY Metro Area

Recently Married or to be Married Couples

Getting married is a happy moment and it also brings big changes for both you. It is an ideal moment to sync up your financial goals and priorities. Careful planning and communication can help you achieve long-term financial success together.

At Derastone, in addition to the regular financial planning, we emphasize on the following:

  • Joint and/or Separate Budgets
  • Separate and/or joint bank accounts
  • Health insurance cost/benefit analysis
  • Auto and home insurance
  • Life insurance/disability income insurance
  • Employer-sponsored retirement plans/IRAs
  • Life Planning: Getting you organized (Will / PoA / Healthcare Proxy / etc.)
New Parents or Soon to be Parents

Having a baby is expensive, even when you have health insurance. You should forecast your expected costs fairly early in the pregnancy. We can help you get financially prepared for parenthood:

  • Estimating your medical costs
  • Planning leave from your job
  • Budgeting for the new arrival
  • Pre-delivery planning
  • Understand your health insurance and anticipate costs
  • Understand and plan for maternity/paternity leave
  • Pre and post-baby budget
  • Other important paperwork updates
Physicians in Residency/Fellowship or shortly thereafter

We have a special program for physicians by getting their financial life organized. Derastone’s goal is to make sure you can rest easy because you understand where your money is going and why it is going there.

We prioritize the following:

  • Evaluate public service loan forgiveness (PSLF) programs
  • Debt repayment planning
  • Review disability insurance (if needed)
  • Evaluate how to build an Emergency Fund
  • Begin investing for retirement with a Roth IRA or Roth 403b
  • Analyze best way to save for a down payment on a first home
  • Income tax planning
  • Purchase life insurance if necessary
Engineers in Emerging Companies

There are a number of circumstances unique to the tech field that require careful planning. We help you develop a financial plan that prioritizes on the following:

  • Strategy for your stock options and equity compensation
  • Stock liquidations or after a sudden liquidity event
  • Tax planning with stock compensation
  • Company benefits optimization
  • Asset location optimization


Lawyers Starting Out

There are certain issues that come up regularly when advising new attorneys. As a result, we have added to our regular financial planning a few additional review points. Among them are the following:

  • Student loan forgiveness program review
  • Debt repayment planning
  • Evaluate how to build an Emergency Fund
  • Review retirement plan
  • Income tax planning
New Business Owners

We know you’re busy building your company. We help focus on your financial side so you can focus on other core business needs. Most of our work is customized for the individual client’s needs.  However, each of our projects typically has one or more elements of our core services, below.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Statement Support
  • Tax Planning
  • Assist with Forecasting
  • Develop and Analyze Business Plans
  • Prepare Management Reports and Presentations
  • Analyze Business Opportunities
  • Outsourced CFO
Single Young Professionals

Single professionals are usually starting out in there career which is a great time to start their financial planning. Maintaining a large degree of flexibility with added financial discipline can set them for a successful financial future. As a result, we have added to our regular financial planning a few additional review points. Among them are the following:


  • Student loan and debt repayment planning
  • Establishing rules for budgeting
  • Company benefits evaluation
  • Review retirement plan
  • Income tax planning

Do You Have Any Questions?

Whether you’re considering partnering with an advisor or looking for information you can use to manage your own portfolio, we may have the help you need. You should consider contacting us.