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Market Efficiency
At Derastone we believe that markets are largely efficient so rather than try to beat the markets we use the power of the markets to let the market work for you. We look to build well diversified portfolios with mainly with single named stocks and low cost exchange traded funds (ETFs) whenever it’s price effective.
Guidelines > Emotions
Investors who follow a carefully planned set of guidelines have a higher success rate than those who act on their emotions or make frequent changes based on the events of the day.
Portfolio Construction & Risk Management
Two of the central tenets of our investment process are portfolio construction and risk management. We believe that thinking and acting for the long-term is paramount; this idea is at the heart of our client service and portfolio management program.
Full Transparency
We are tired of the marketing gimmicks, back room deals, and schemes that are prevalent in the asset management industry. We won’t sugarcoat the truth. Honesty and transparency runs deep in our culture.
100% Digital
Unless forced by financial regulations, we will try to stay mobile and digital 100% of the time.


Discretionary Investment Advisory

We manage client investment portfolios on a discretionary basis. This means that we are actively engaged in the investment markets on behalf of our clients. We operate within the parameters of a client’s risk constraints, time horizons, cash flow needs, and long-term goals. Our daily involvement in the capital markets provides us with real-time information on changing trends and opportunities. We don’t simply delegate investment responsibilities or manage a relationship. We are integrally involved in clients’ investment outcomes, viewing ourselves as partners in their success.


In today’s investment environment, where risks remain and meaningful returns on cash are hard to come by, individual and institutional clients face a number of challenges when managing their liquidity and investments. Increasing numbers of investors in the US market, and more recently in globally, are turning to asset managers to run customized investment solutions that fulfill a desire for returns while maintaining capital preservation. At Derastone we offer three types of a diversified investment solutions to investors.

Derastone’s Starter Portfolio: This is a personalized ETF/Mutual Fund portfolio, which simplifies the  selection process to help you create a diversified portfolio of low cost mutual funds or ETFs that meets the needs of the client, based on the client’s individual investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Derastone’s Plus Portfolio: Derastone maintains a set of model portfolios of securities that are designed to fulfill a variety of investment objectives. Derastone makes the recommendation to assist clients in allocating to these model portfolios, depending on their objectives and risk profiles.

Derastone’s Custom Portfolio: Derastone makes the recommendation to assist clients in allocating to these model portfolios, depending on their objectives and risk profiles. These portfolios are built specifically for the client based on their specific objectives, capital liquidity, and risk profiles and will be used when the model portfolios aren’t a good fit for the client.